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The differences might appear subtle, but their usages are distinct: The hyphen (-), the shortest, is used to join multiple words that function together as a single concept, a.k.a. a compound word.. The en dash (-), a hyphen with a growth spurt, is used to represent the words to or through when specifying a range.. The em dash (—), the longest and most versatile, is used to act. A hyphen joins two or more words together while a dash separates words into parenthetical statements. The two are sometimes confused because they look so similar, but their usage is different. Hyphens are not separated by spaces, while a dash has a space on either side. Hyphens Generally, hyphens are used to join two words or parts of words together while avoiding confusion o The En Dash: Punctuation's Middleweight. The en dash is the Goldie Locks dash. It isn't as short as the hyphen.But, it's not as long as the em dash.. In the hyphen vs. dash battle, the en dash comes with several grammatical functions.. 1. Specifying a Range. Use the en dash to connect things related by distance. Examples include time spans and ranges of numbers Dash vs Hyphen . Dash and hyphen are different punctuation marks that are in the form of small straight lines, which makes it difficult to differentiate between these two different forms of punctuation marks Hyphen vs Dash. Each time that we speak, in order to convey a particular thought or idea, there are certain times that we would stop or pause. This is to make sure that the person that we are speaking to understands us. The same thing is true when we convey our thoughts and ideas in a written form

A hyphen is also the symbol you use to write out longer numbers: twenty-three. A dash (specifically, an em dash) has a totally different purpose. It indicates a significant pause or. Hyphen, en dash or em dash A hyphen (-) is used to connect two words that function as a particular concept, or when linked together form a particular modifier. A hyphen is also used to separate syllables of a word when there is a line break, though this was more prevalent when type was set by hand rather than electronically Posted by reneegraywilburn under Hyphens vs. Dashes vs. Commas | Tags: comma usage, Comma vs. Dashes, Correct Punctuation, Em Dash, En Dash, Hyphen Usage, Renee Gray-Wilburn | [4] Comments I recently edited a novel where the author used a lot of broken dialogue, interrupted dialogue, and phrasing that often served as side notes in her sentences Hyphen vs Dash : Replace Dash with Hyphen. Ask Question Asked 10 years, 4 months ago. Active 5 years, 11 months ago. Viewed 15k times 7. 1. Alright so we had a problem recently. In reporting services some of the String Columns were appearing as gibberish Chinese characters. On further. It's easy to get confused between the hyphen (-) and the dash (-). This is a quick and simple guide to using them both: The Hyphen. Basically, the hyphen is the shorter mark that is often used to link two or more words together

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  1. Hyphen: Do not confuse a hyphen with a long dash. A hyphen's chief function is to merge two or more separate words. For example, in the phrase nice-looking house, the hyphen combines two words, nice and looking, into one compound adjective.. Hyphens are also used to indicate any span or range, such as numbers, years, pages, etc
  2. us sign on your keyboard. Creating a dash is slightly more complicated and varies between word processing programs
  3. us sign on the numeric keypad
  4. Hyphens are not separated by spaces, while a dash has a space on either side. Hyphens. Generally, hyphens are used to join two words or parts of words together while avoiding confusion or ambiguity. Consult your dictionary if you are not sure if a hyphen is required in a compound word,.
  5. Dash vs Hyphen. What is the difference between a dash and a hyphen? Visually, a dash is longer than a hyphen. Where a dash - that looks like this - is about the space of two hyphens, a hyphen looks like this: - As for usage, a dash is used to introduce a parenthetical comment in a sentence
  6. Hyphen vs. en dash vs. em dash: What's the difference? If you're like most people, you may be confused about the difference between a hyphen (-) and a dash. This may even be the first time you've heard that there are actually two types of dashes: an en dash (-) and an em dash (—)
  7. In some applications, like Scrivener for example, when you type a double hyphen, both hyphens are converted on the spot to an em-dash. It could be that getting into the habit of using a double-hyphen to create an em-dash in this way may lead people to believe that's how it's done elsewhere, when that might not necessarily be the case

Hyphen Vs. Dash . 6 Questions | By Maegan.carey | Last updated: Jan 11, 2013 | Total Attempts: 465 . Questions. Settings. Feedback. During the Quiz End of Quiz. Difficulty. Sequential Easy First Hard First. Play as. Quiz Flashcard. Start. Test your knowledge of what you've learned so far! More. The difference between a dash and a hyphen is that a hyphen is used to form compound words, and there is no space between the hyphen and the words either side, but a dash usually has a space both before it and after it. E.g: Hyphen The building will re-open in December. This an award-winning book. His name is Smithers-Jones. Dash I'm thinking of going to the pub - do you want to come The dash is a punctuation mark that is similar in appearance to the hyphen and minus sign but differs from these symbols in length and, in some fonts, height above the baseline.The most common versions of the dash are the en dash -, longer than the hyphen; the em dash —, longer than the en dash; and the horizontal bar ―, whose length varies across typefaces but tends to be between those.

Hyphens and dashes look pretty similar, but their uses are very different! Learn when to use each one in this video.Practice this yourself on Khan Academy ri.. You may wonder what the difference is between em dash vs. en dash, but an en dash is actually easier to mix up with a hyphen

Hyphen vs em dash vs en dash. There was a post in the past about em dash and hyphen explained by a partner. I thought I save that post but I cannot find it. Can someone link me to it? 3 comments. share. save. hide. report. 78% Upvoted. Log in or sign up to leave a comment Log In Sign Up. Sort by So yeah, so a hyphen is joining these two things. But let's say we had a sentence like, Her hair was yellow -- green were her eyes. You know, and so we're still separating the words yellow and green with a stick, but a dash is longer, and instead of uniting yellow-green, it's separating them the way that you know, a semicolon might The hyphen, dash, n-dash and m-dash crop-up all the time in Microsoft Word but most of us don't know why, and we use them inconsistently. The fact is that the n-dash and m-dash are very useful and easy to use - whether you follow the rules or break them.

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  1. When you type text that is followed immediately by a hyphen, Word does not insert an en dash. The AutoFormat rule assumes that spaces are used either before or on both sides of dashes, and that text appears after or on both sides of hyphens. Therefore, if a space appears before a hyphen, Word replaces the hyphen with an en dash
  2. us, -, is a character used in digital documents and computing to represent a hyphen ‐, a
  3. Dashes are used to separate two words into statements. It should be noted that dashes are almost never required by the rules of grammar and punctuation.There are two kinds of dashes, the en dash, and the em dash (long dash). The en dash is a symbol (-) that is slightly wider than a hyphen (-). The em dash (—) is twice as long as the en dash (-)
  4. Hyphens are used to connect two independent words, so they function as one unit. A dash looks like a double hyphen. See details about hyphens vs dashes rules explanation
  5. The hyphen and en dash are relatively the same size and are located to the right of the zero on most standard U.S. keyboard layouts. The em dash is a longer dash, about the length of two en dashes. Function. The hyphen is used to combine two compound words together or to connect non-continuing numbers such as telephone numbers
  6. The Dash. The dash (—), also called the em dash, is the long horizontal bar, much longer than a hyphen.Few keyboards have a dash, but a word processor can usually produce one in one way or another. If your keyboard can't produce a dash, you will have to resort to a hyphen as a stand-in
  7. Hyphens versus Dashes What's the difference between a hyphen and dash? Dashes and hyphens look really similar, but they have very different functions in writing. In truth, you could use a hyphen (the key to the right of the 0) every time and only the strictest of grammar pedants would highlight that your hyphen ought to have been a dash

Hyphen, en dash, em dash, short dash, long dash, thick dash - figuring out what to call that minus-like punctuation mark, which seems to vary in length depending on the circumstances, can be difficult. Even worse is knowing when to use which of these little lines Hyphen vs Dash. By. Anastasia Koltai-October 20, 2015. 0. 2158. Facebook. Twitter. Pinterest. WhatsApp. Recommended for you: Punctuation Marks - Quotation Marks - Question Mark Best English Grammar and Spelling Checkers Online BEST E-Books to Learn English 10 Websites to learn and practice English Grammar In addition to what @Glorfindel has mentioned about the use of. On a Mac (and on iOS devices connected to a physical keyboard), you can use ⌥ + -for an en-dash and ⇧ Shift + ⌥ + -for an em-dash. (⌥ is the Option or Alt key).On Windows, if you have a numeric keypad, you can use Alt + 0150 resp. Alt + 0151.. There's a great extension ChromeDash that solves this problem gracefully Duking it Out: Parentheses vs. Dash. Kimberly Joki. Writing. Writing that engages—that grabs—on occasion makes use of both parentheses and dashes (or, it should). These two types of punctuation have been duking it out for many years. Proponents of each argue about which is the most understandable to modern readers Main Difference - Dash vs. Hyphen. Dash and Hyphen are two punctuation marks that take the form of a small horizontal line. So, many people do not bother to pay attention to their correct usage. However, it is very important to understand the difference between dash and hyphen, if you want to use the language correctly

Hyphen vs. En Dash vs. Em Dash: What's the Difference? By Tori Lipnicky June 2, 2020 June 9, 2020 It wasn't until this year that I learned that those long dashes I saw in books all the time are called em dashes While the hyphen is easy to find on a keyboard, it's much more difficult to find the dash, let alone choose between the en-dash and the em-dash.Some people resort to using two hyphens to appropriate a dash (-), but this looks unprofessional A hyphen is used to join two words together and sepererate the syllables of a single word. A. False. 3. Fill in the blank using a dash or hyphen.She was a multi__media artist. A. Dash. B. Hyphen. 4. Dash or Hyphen?Dad told us__Bob, Jerry and Jack to take out the trash over an hour ago. A. Dash. B. Hyphen. 5. True or False?The dash takes. Also, the em dash may serve as a sort of bullet point, as in this to-do list: —wash the car —walk the dog —attempt to explain em and en dashes. This explanation is not intended to be exhaustive (for much more, see chapter 6 in CMOS), but I do hope that it helps to frame the different potential of each length of dash

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A hyphen is usually very short (it has its own Unicode character, but you can use the hyphen-minus instead because it looks the same), a minus is of the same width as the decimal digits (and is sometimes a little bit higher than the others), an en-dash takes approximately the width of the letter N or n, and an em-dash takes approximately the same width as the letter M or m The hyphen, the em dash and the en dash are the straight arrows among punctuation marks, an otherwise fairly curvaceous lot. The hyphen (-), the shortest of the three marks, is familiar (sometimes wretchedly so) to most writers. So is the em dash (—), more often called the long dash, or sometimes just the dash A dash is the punctuation mark - , which is used to separate parts of a sentence. Dashes look like hyphens (which are used, for instance, to connect two or more words, as in a two-year-old child) but are longer.There are two forms of dashes in English language print In addition to the 68 flags in the bag, you have a tackline. A tackline is a length of halyard approximately 6 feet long; the exact length depends upon the size of flags in use. The tackline is transmitted and spoken as tack and is written as a dash (hyphen) -. It is used to avoid ambiguity

Full grammar curriculum classroom accounts available at https://edu.grammaropolis.com! Songs, books, games, quizzes, and individual student tracking. From th.. While some sources recommend an en-dash for page ranges, many sources are silent on this matter. Because an ordinary person might not notice an en-dash (vs a hyphen) in page ranges, I think that de-facto far more people use a hyphen (though this admittedly doesn't prove that it's better to do so) The hyphen, dash, n-dash and m-dash crop-up all the time in Microsoft Word but most of us don't know why, and we use them inconsistently. The fact is that the n-dash and m-dash are very useful and easy to use - whether you follow the rules or break them (but it's best to break rules consistently) Hyphens vs. dashes. Hyphen or dash? Ask an editor. Believe it or not, this list isn't complete. There are many more ways to use hyphens, en dashes, and em dashes—and even more exceptions! If you're struggling with hyphens and dashes in your creative manuscript,. The most common use of the underscore is in URL addresses. The en dash and em dash are less easy. However, on a MAC keyboard, there is a simple short cut. To type an en dash, press the alt/option key and the hyphen key together, and to type an em dash, hold down the upper-case key while pressing the alt/option key and hyphen key together

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A hyphen is one-half the size of an en dash (-) and one-third the size of an em dash(—). Hyphens are used to provide clarity and have three main uses. 1. Hyphens are used primarily to make compound words, especially phrasal adjectives preceding the nouns they modify—for example:. Thou fair-haired angel of the evening William Blak That hyphen is the one to separate hyphenated words. We have more on hyphenation and special hyphens below. Technically there's a difference between a dash (aka hyphen-minus), a hyphen and a minus sign, see the table below B. Hyphen vs. En Dash vs. Em Dash: The en dash is longer than a hyphen but shorter than an em dash (the normal dash). A hyphen (-) is used within a word. It separates the parts of a compound word: bare-handed, close-up, die-hard, half-baked, jet-lagged, low-key, never-ending, no-brainer, pitch-dark, self-control, single-handed, sweet-talk, user-friendly, up-to-date, watered-down, work-in. A hyphen is not separated by spaces whereas a dash has a space on both sides. Hyphen. A hyphen is used to combine two different words together. This helps in avoiding ambiguity and confusion. Most compound words require a hyphen. You can consult a dictionary to see which compound words use hyphens. Many words use a hyphen when there is a prefix. by Chelsea Lee Punctuation Junction: A series about what happens when punctuation marks collide. The hyphen (-), en dash (-), and forward slash (/) are three punctuation marks used to indicate a relationship between words or phrases. Respectively, each mark..

But you can do a dash / hyphen. The problem with having a hyphen in a root domain is in offline advertising. You have to constantly emphasize the dash / hyphen. ~ Charlie. G Mohan Prasad says: April 6, 2018 at 10:13 am Great article and very helpful, Learned something new A world where people use hyphens & underscores to write file names is a world where user-experience thrives. This is a small, tiny, miniscule thing, but often the game is won in the trenches of.

Hyphens often creep into web copy in places where en dashes or em dashes belong. When you use a hyphen where you should use an en dash, it's usually not a problem. In formal writing, however, you can't get away with using a hyphen instead of an en dash. And you definitely can't use a hyphen instead of a em dash An em-dash is typically used as a stand-in for a comma or parenthesis to separate out phrases—or even just a word—in a sentence for various reasons (e.g. a parenthetical; an ersatz-ellipsis). Examples where an em-dash should be used: School is based on the three R's—reading, writing, and 'rithmetic. Against all odds, Pete—the unluckiest man alive—won the lottery En dash. The en dash (-) is slightly wider than the hyphen (-) but narrower than the em dash (—). The typical computer keyboard lacks a dedicated key for the en dash, though most word processors provide a means for its insertion. Span or range of numbers. The en dash is used to represent a span or range of numbers, dates, or time Whereas if there's a hyphen (or spaces) between the words in a name (snare-soft-01), I won't get the whole name, just a single word of it. So the underscore is just a convenience. Until I started making sample libraries, by the way, I *never* used underscore

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Em dash (—): Option + shift + hyphen. En dash (-): Option + hyphen. In addition, most word-processing programs will automatically turn a double hyphen with no spaces on either side (-) into an em dash, and some will turn a double hyphen with spaces on either side ( — ) into an en dash The em dash (—) is typ­i­cally about as wide as a cap­i­tal H. The en dash (-) is about half as wide. En and em dashes are of­ten ap­prox­i­mated by typ­ing two or three hy­phens in a row (--or ---). Don't do that—it's an­other type­writer habit. Use real dashes. The en dash has two uses The rules of the hyphen are much more complex than most people probably realize. While en dash and em dash rules may be less complex, you still might find yourself saying, Dash it all! But if you don't get anything else from this blog post, I hope you'll remember this: A hyphen and a dash are not interchangeable Brackets, dashes and hyphens . Round brackets/parentheses. The official name for round brackets (like these) is parentheses. They are used in pairs around groups of words introducing an extra idea e.g. an explanation or afterthought to be kept separate from the rest of the sentence In the hyphen vs. dash battle, the en dash comes with several grammatical functions. However, ask any respectable editor or writer, and you will be surprised how much the hyphen and the dash differ in terms of its usage, when constructing sentences and paragraphs in the English language

From this source Grammarist.com:. An em dash (—) is longer than an en dash (-) and three times as long as a hyphen (-).. Uses of the em dash:. Em dashes set apart parenthetical phrases or clauses in a sentence. In this use, em dashes are similar to commas and parentheses. Since 2007, the consensus of the economic establishment—bankers, policymakers, CEOs, stock analysts, pundits—has. I see beginning writers misuse or confuse the uses of ellipses and dashes, particularly the em­-dash.Some writers also use a hyphen instead of an em-dash, but this is incorrect. Hyphens have their own special use which was dealt with in an earlier post.This discussion will help clarify uses of ellipses and dashes and provide examples, including some from literature Hyphens and m-dashes are important in both English and French, but they are considerably more common in the latter. This lesson explains when, why, and how to use hyphens and m- dashes in French. I. Trait d'union - Hyphen

Use an en dash (-) instead of a hyphen in a compound adjective when: The compound adjective includes an open compound. Examples Windows 10-compatible products dialog box-type options. Two or more of the elements are made up of hyphenated compounds (a rare occurrence). Prefixes. Avoid creating new words by adding prefixes to existing words HYPHEN EN DASH EM DASH ; A hyphen is slightly shorter than an en dash. A hyphen is a standard key on the keyboard of a computer. Unicode (U+2012) An en dash is half the length of an em dash. It is slightly longer than a hyphen. If you are uncertain how to insert an en dash symbol, you can use a hyphen instead

Note that hyphens are never used between the numeral and the abbreviation or symbol, even when they are in adjectival form. Correct: 50 ft. yacht 80 lb. bag 6 cm caterpillar 100 m dash (Note that CMOS uses a period when abbreviating English units but not when abbreviating metric units. The en-dash, which is shorter than an em-dash and longer than a hyphen, is used to indicate a range of values, such as a span of time or numerical quantities (similar to using the words to and from); for example, 9 AM - 5 PM, Monday - Friday or ages 5 - 8

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Hyphens are used to separate non-inclusive numbers like phone numbers or social security numbers. How To: Press the dash key (Apple Macintosh or Microsoft Windows) to type a hyphen. The dash key is in-between the 0 and = keys on a standard keyboard. The HTML ASCII Character Code for a hyphen is -The Enticing En Dash An em dash, or long dash, is used:. in pairs, to mark off information or ideas that are not essential to an understanding of the rest of the sentence: Thousands of children—like the girl in this photograph—have been left homeless

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A dash (technically called an em dash) and a comma can both be used to set off parenthetical expressions, appositives and other words and phrases. The biggest difference between the comma and the dash is the amount of emphasis they each suggest. As a general rule of thumb, use dashes to express more emphasis and. Although many people call the hyphen a dash, dash refers to another group of horizontal lines in text. The two most common dashes are the em dash and the en dash. Em dash. Em dashes — so called because they are (at least historically) the width of the character m — are used for emphasis or interruption. They can be used on their own or in pairs to offset a word or phrase As nouns the difference between dash and hyphen is that dash is (typography) any of the following symbols: (''horizontal bar ) while hyphen is symbol -, typically used to join two or more words to form a compound term, or to indicate that a word has been split at the end of a line. As verbs the difference between dash and hyphen is that dash is to run quickly or for a short distance while. Em dash is just one of them. An em dash is also known as a long dash. It is a dash longer than an en dash (-) and three times as long as a hyphen (-). If you are looking for an easy way to type this em dash in Word, you've come to the right place

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A dash is longer than a hyphen and is commonly used to indicate a range or a pause. On the other hand, the hyphen is used to join two different words in order to create a compound word. The difference between a dash and a hyphen is that a hyphen is used to form compound words, and there is no space between the hyphen and the words either side, but a dash usually has a space both before it and. Em dash and en dash. An em dash is the width of the letter m in the font and type size being used, and should never be used in place of an en dash or hyphen. To create an em-dash on a Windows computer, hold down the [Alt] key and type 0151 on the numeric keypad. To create an em-dash on a Mac computer, hold down the shift and option/alt and. Use a slash to show that two words share an interchangeable relationship; use a hyphen to join two words but keep their meanings separate. IMPOSSIBLE AND TROUBLING IF YOU THINK ABOUT IT: daddy/daughter dance MORE ACCEPTABLE AND ANATOMICALLY WITHIN REASON: daddy-daughter dance The question to ask when deciding which to use is: do I mea The dash (-) is used to set off additional material within a sentence, often in order to emphasize it, to set off appositives that contain commas, or to indicate missing words. Sometimes confused with the hyphen, a dash comes between words as a form of division, whereas a hyphen generally joins words or parts of words to indicate a connection It can add a spice—or a dash, if you will—to a sentence by adding emphasis to certain words and phrases. I am talking about the em-dash, which looks like two hyphens connected into one long line. Depending on the sentence, the em-dash can have a similar function to parentheses, colons, commas, and even semicolons

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There are two similar but distinct punctuation marks called dashes: the en dash (- ) and the em dash (— ).In appearance, an en dash is slightly longer than a hyphen (- ), approximately the width of a capital N, while an em dash is slightly longer than an en dash, approximately the width of a capital M (hence their names) The en dash is sometimes also used in the same way as an em dash; in this case, it takes a space on either side. Make sure not to confuse dashes with shorter hyphens (-), which are used to combine words (as in well-behaved or long-running). A hyphen should not be used in place of a dash

Special Note #1: A colon can sometimes be used instead of an em-dash. A colon announces that something special is about to appear. The em-dash does the same, but is more dramatic. Special Note #2: A hyphen can not be used in place of an em-dash. A hyphen has its own special use to be talked about in a later column Types of Hyphen & Dash in Microsoft Word. In Microsoft Word, we have lots of small connector lines available for our usage. They are called or known as 'Hyphen and Dash' .Many of the Microsoft Word users do not know how to use these Hyphens and Dashes and for them I have written this article The dash we typically use is technically called the em dash, and it is significantly longer than the hyphen. There is also an en dash—whose length is between that of the hyphen and the em dash, and its best usage is to indicate inclusive dates and numbers: July 6-September 17 The date range began on July 6 and ended on September 17 The comma (,) is a punctuation mark used mainly to separate parts of a sentence, such as clauses and items in lists. The hyphen (‐) is a punctuation mark used to join words and to separate syllables of a single word. The em dash (—) may be used in.. Essentially, a hyphen is a dash (-), an en dash is the length of two dashes (-), and an em dash is the length of three dashes (—). Manually Create Hyphens and Dashes. The first thing you'll need to do is fire up your browser and open a Google Docs file to get started Hyphens & dashes Problem. Many writers do not differentiate between hyphens ( - ) and dashes ( - or — ), since the marks look similar. Misuse of hyphens and dashes can obscure a writer's meaning, especially if a hyphen is used in place of a dash, or can make the writing look visually cluttered. Solution

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