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  1. Onision getting fans to spam his Amazon book with 5 star reviews - Duration: 78 seconds. 10,569 views; 4 years ago; 0:50. Clip - Onision telling Amazon reviewer their opinions about his book are.
  2. Onision thinks critically of conservatism in general. Abortion. Greg is pro-life to a degree, but thinks favorably of the pro-choice movement. Immigration. Greg is staunchly pro-immigration, and is largely opposed to the Donald Trump Muslim ban. Guns. Onision does not want to restrict gun laws or impose gun control
  3. James Jackson (born Gregory James Daniel; November 11, 1985) is an American entertainer, YouTuber, musician and author. He is known professionally by his online alias Onision (/ oʊ ˈ n iː s iː ɒ n /).His primary YouTube channel, Onision, features sketches and satirical clips; videos posted to his other channels focus on personal stories covering topics such as suicide and self-harm as.
  4. Onision Drama | This was from when he was on Prank Tour in 2013. Cringe . Who are all the different YouTubers in the photo he's retreated in yet another desperate attempt to cling to his past? One looks like Repzion but clearly can't be. 0 comments. share. save. hide. report. 100% Upvoted
  5. So, when I made that post about that collection of tweets, my primary purpose was to answer to yet more of the Onision Drama tumblr's sensationalism in the name of self back-patting, which is the main reason that this blog exists

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  1. On November 26th, Patreon banned controversial YouTuber Onision, after he allegedly doxxed a woman who says he harassed her and manipulated her into a sexual relationship
  2. In the linked video, Ayalla shares a bit of her experience with Onision, Laineybot, and the girl they had living with them from ages 14-18 under their legal guardianship. Ayalla, who knew Onision from the time Greg/Onision & his wife Taylor/Laineybot invited her freshly 18-year-old friend to be in a three-way relationship, did a live stream following a series of tweets
  3. oh good more onions www.instagram.com/alizeeyeezy https://www.paypal.me/alizeeyeezy https://www.patreon.com/AlizeeYeezy Bitcoin Wallet: 19wzQvW9goX9NbnTU2vGJ..
  4. r/Onision: The official subreddit for keeping tabs on the individual known as 'Onision' AKA Gregory James Jackson AKA Greg & his spouse, 'Laineybot'
  5. So, and I hate to say this, is anyone just tired of the Onision drama? I learned about this guy four months ago, but apparently this kind of crap has been going on for a decade. I'm not trying to belittle anyone's experiences with the man
  6. At the height of Onision's web-fame, voyeurs and drama-lovers alike would watch to see the tumultuous back and forth disputes between Onision and some of these girls, who were often dubbed as liars, as they attempted to defend themselves or worse- tell their story

onisionhurtspeople:. After spending months watching this story blow up internationally to the point where Onision has reached certifiable meme status even in normie media (he has his own Know Your Meme page, y'all) and probably kicking himself for failing to report on any of this back in September because, quote, This isn't a story, Keemstar has now done an about-face and is. This is the end of Onision. Several allegations are discussed in this video. Here are my sources: The voicemails: https://bit.ly/2kH7Bb2 Sarah interview with.. De senaste tweetarna från @onision Full site coming soon. please call or write to inquire.. visit our partners & showrooms. Click her Onision and his husband Kai were accused of grooming a fan earlier this year. The fan, Sarah, has recently spoken up and corroborated the accusation. This vi..

Onision Drama This is a very hot topic going around YouTube, and I've seen many different peoples' opinions on this subject. Onision started doing live debates with some people, which totally surprised me, as he does not like criticism onision onision drama laineybot laineybot drama youtube drama anti onision anti o who gets that worked up over coffee. 319 notes. Reblog. Laineybot finally pursuing their passions again.. away from the onion home . LEAVE HIM. cuckboi5000 . Follow. Unfollow. laineybot anti.

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Onision & Kai are sexually abusing their children. Exposing a child to sexual situations is a form of sexual abuse. I'm sorry, but this family NEEDS to be broken apart, for the children's sakes. Besides which, it's looking like it'll happen anyway The Onision channel includes skits, comedy series, and deals with controversial issues. Some label James, the main character in the channel, as either a fraud, a pedophile, a homophobe, a purveyor of ephebophilia and a tax evader. The Onision channel was created by James, at the time referring to himself as Greg, in 2004 or earlier but moved to YouTube on January 29, 2006. In 2017, the channel. #onision drama #anti onision #i hate onision #onision hate #stop onision #onision #greg avaroe #anti greg. 267 notes. we-hate-onions-here. The fact that Pewdiepie got so much shit and difficulties from YouTube while onision hasn't gotten into any trouble le with YouTube is baffling on every level I'm Onision, an OnlyFans model & music producer. I also make coo... | Text Onision | Instagram | E-Mail Onision | More Links | YouTube | Came

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Onision, meanwhile, has responded to the Patreon ban by posting a series of rambling, disturbing videos. This is how outrage culture works, this is cancel culture, Onision ranted in a video on. #onision drama #onision meme #billie #ayalla #kai #kai jackson #Father forgive me #But I'm back on my bullshit. #anti o #anti onision. 223 notes. niltyek. Onision tries SO hard to look appealing to his young audience and it's disgusting

De senaste tweetarna från @OnisionDrama FUNNY ONISION COMPILATION (Drama With Girls).mp4 download. 26.4M . FUNNY PRANK CALLS.mp4 download. 17.2M . Facts About Onision (Story Time).mp4 download. 19.9M . Final Fantasy VII Parody (Onision).mp4. #onision #drama #Eceleb. Alternate Current Radio Presents: BOILER ROOM - Uninterruptible Talk Radio with Hesher, Spore & Jay Dyer. This episode finds the ACR Braintrust covering the recent story of a Miami Police Captain who began identifying as a black man and was suspended from his job, the Twitter threads the gang examines on the topic are indicative of the general public getting.

Controversial YouTuber Onision has been accused of predatory behavior by multiple women, with many claiming that he groomed them to have sex with him once they turned 18. Many of these girls have spoken out, saying his partner Kai has aided him in this misconduct. Chris Hansen has been speaking to many of the women [ Why Do YouTubers Dislike Onision? (YouTube Drama) is an OnisionSpeaks video upload Of course, Onision's critics (haters, who are numerous) suspected that this was a ménage à trois, especially considering Onision's history of sexual behavior toward teenage girls. Sarah would occasionally appear in videos with Onision and his wife, who is implicated in this scandal as an alleged perpetrator, and also is possibly a victim <p>onisionspeaks onision drama pro onision onision twitter onision archive onision. Discuss your health, your diet and everything related. </p> <p>Discuss on Onision videos, make suggestions, ask questions & learn more about Onision. Later in the video, says that if someone who is not popular is gay or bi, they don't receive support. But if eliminating humor really was the answer, why are we. Attempting to chronicle the odd online life of the character Onision in a respectful manner. Unbiased source for Bananas, Smurfs, and drama lovers alike! We currently have 232 articles. Featured Article: Greg served in the US Air Force from 2005 to 2008. For years Greg claimed to have an honorable discharge,.

Regarding Onision's name, his marriage history and name changes are so frequent that it's reasonable suspect he is trying to hide his history. Here is a list of every possible permutation of his name. Gregory James Daniel I remember following this guy's drama for a little while There's a person who's been stalking me online, and they just showed up to my house. Gregory Jackson, better known by his YouTube alias of Onision, said this during a 911 call placed last week when independent investigative journalist Chris Hansen arrived at his Washington State home. This person's, like, trying to aggressively pursue me in a really hateful way Been keeping up with the Onision drama recently out of morbid fascination since the guy is toe to tip exactly like my worst abuser, and Lainey is like my second worst abuser who my worst abuser was dating. They had the exact same wild relationship Tonight, our hosts are joined by Animancer and SWEGTA from Underhaven, we discuss the Onision wetlands drama, we learn about Putin's new invincible rocket, we see Biden feel betrayed by Obama, and much more! From the strangest corners of the internet, here to bring you opinions of the world from an altered perspective, The Drunken Peasants

Sarah (right) shares her story about James Onision Jackson (left) YouTube He says he owed over $150,000 to the IRS in 2017 (the IRS declined to comment), was ordered to pay $90,000 by Pierce. After Onision is kicked out of his house, he has to move to canada to get away from all the drama. There is where he meets the man of his dreams. chrishansen; youtube; fanfic +4 more #19 Onisiondrama.tumblr.com: visit the most interesting Onision Drama Tumblr pages, well-liked by users from USA and India, or check the rest of onisiondrama.tumblr.com data below.Onisiondrama.tumblr.com is a relatively well-visited web project, safe and generally suitable for all ages. We found that English is the preferred language on Onision Drama Tumblr pages Vi skulle vilja visa dig en beskrivning här men webbplatsen du tittar på tillåter inte detta Twitter Drama: Onision. Edit. Classic editor History Comments Share.

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Value of onision drama in Gematria is 404, Online Gematria Calculator with same phrases values search and words. English Gematria, Hebrew Gematria and Jewish Gematria and Numerolog 7. Onision begins to release drama videos about Hansen being on his trail. 8. To get more clout and subs Hansen lies that he is working with the fbi. 9. Hansen goes to Onisions home and knocks on the door. Onision calls the cops. 10. Onision sues Hansen for harassment. But serves the wrong chris hansen and case is dismissed. 11 High quality Onision gifts and merchandise. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours Sep 22, 2017 - It's time for the Onision wheel of drama!! Who's it gonna land on this time? Jaclyn Glenn? Social Repose? Shane Dawson? Eugenia Cooney? Blaire White? Let's s.. Tonight, our hosts are joined by Animancer and SWEGTA from Underhaven, we discuss the Onision wetlands drama, we learn about Putin's new invincible rocket, we see Biden feel betrayed by Obama, and mu

Why do people feel that they need to involve themselves in every situation? This isn't just about the onision drama but everyday people doing everyday things just feel the need to be involved Onision and Kai - Married Predators? Serenity Timbre. October 22, 2019 October 25, 2019. 24. 16.1K. 5. 0. This content is for Monthy Subscription members only. Log In Register. I Like This Unlike 5 Please Login to Vote. I Dislike This Un-Dislike 0 Please Login to Vote. Previous Post If I am able to recall correctly, Onision gets hated for a multitude of reasons. A select few of these reasons being how: * He is a narcissist; he thinks everything revolves around him, he lacks any sort of empathy whatsoever, and he'll do pretty. Tonight, our hosts are joined by Animancer and S Feb 1, 2019 - This Pin was discovered by Dingus. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres

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As for Repzion, I don't find his videos about Onision interesting enough to track. If you want to keep a Repzion / Onision timeline of his videos, go for it. As for his videos, I only found 63 about Onision and he's been making them over a period of 9 years. James made 77 videos about Eugenia and he's been making them for 4 years Shiloh Hoganson (born April 25, 1993), also known professionally simply as Shiloh, Doll, and Lyldoll, is a Canadian singer songwriter from Saskatcewan and Edmonton, Alberta, Canada whose career started in 2008. She was initially signed to >>>/pt/465692 11/18/2017 - 11/28/2017 >Onion continues narc tweeting and continues to spin the wheel of drama. >Laimey says she has 0 friends coincidentally Sarah is back home, so their friendship might have ended. >Onision posts 2 pictures dressed as Social Repose and Shane Dawson YouTuber James Onision Jackson and his husband Kai have filed two civil lawsuits against Chris Hansen and Daniel Repzion Sulzbach. The hearing date is currently set for January 24 in the. onision antionision We are an anti onision server that is drama free and accepts everyone from neutrals to hardcore haters :) (we also have a minecraft server

Oct 7, 2019 - Bad book cringe is by far my favorite type of cringe. I've been watching a lot of reviews on shitty books. But ljust found out that Onision, you know, the guy nobody likes, but was a big deal for two months, wrote a few books. Please if you love bad book cringe you have to watch the reviews on his shitty books. I pers Oct 7, 2019 - Bad book cringe is by far my favorite type of cringe. I've been watching a lot of reviews on shitty books. But ljust found out that Onision, you know, the guy nobody likes, but was a big deal for two months, wrote a few books. Please if you love bad book cringe you have to watch the reviews on his shitty books. I pers

We are an anti onision server that is drama free and accepts everyone from neutrals to hardcore haters :) (we also have a minecraft server Onision, as we have previously reported, has been open about his issues with Youtube and the controversy surrounding ads being cut and his revenue being low. After releasing his videos however, Keemstar created a video accusing Onision of scamming fans Onision and LaineyBot Drama (Source: slenderversetexting) Feb 21, 2018. chesire-smiles liked this . onyxorder liked this . homicidallolita liked this . notaclownstatue liked this . tremendouslylazychild liked this. I got my followers to spam Onision's business Email with my (old) header on December 8th, 2018 | UhOhBro got terminated January 16th, 2019 | Blocked by onision | 17 | cis girl | bi | INFJ, Pisces,..

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This is not exclusively a hate blog - it's just an honest collection of thoughts and opinions on the world of Onision Ex-Onision girl Sarah is still friends with Regina on Twitter. After the Onision drama Sarah is just just trying to live her best life devoid of Onision. Understandable she wants to put all that jazz behind her and focus on her future. to all teenage girls: that grown man does not love you. he loves what he thinks he will be able to get from you School Drama (Hear Me Roar) is a video that was uploaded onto the OnisionSpeaks channel. Onision did not provide a description that is specific to the video and the comments, once turned on and visible, were hidden and turned off Gregory 'Onision' Jackson originally had his Twitch account banned in January of this year, despite only streaming for less than two weeks. The streams on this account date back as far as.

Onision is a who youtuber who is hated and has made rather controversial videos. Things he has done Once defended Leafy after his beef with Idubbz, Had beef with leafyishere, Had had drama outside Youtub Feb 26, 2017 - Onision Speaks OnisionSpeaks UhOhBro Uh Oh Bro Onision Speaks OnisionSpeaks UhOhBro Uh Oh Bro Onision Speaks OnisionSpeaks UhOhBro Uh Oh Bro Onision. View the daily YouTube analytics of Onision and track progress charts, view future predictions, related channels, and track realtime live sub counts Skip navigation Sign in. Searc

Encyclopedia Dramatica (often abbreviated ED and æ) is a MediaWiki software-based website, launched on December 10, 2004, whose articles lampoon topics and current events related or relevant to contemporary Internet culture in an encyclopedic fashion. It often serves as a repository of information and a means of discussion for the internet subculture known as Anonymous Onision RETIRES HIS FACE From YouTube! | DRAMA AND OPINIONS Onision RETIRES HIS FACE From YouTube! | DRAMA AND OPINIONS Onision RETIRES HIS FACE From YouTube! | DRAMA AND OPINION I am back and im doing a project on onision for english class anti onion man anti onion boy anti o community anti o onision hate anti onision onision drama against onision 8 notes Apr 14th, 202

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See what onision-sucks (onisionsucks) has discovered on Pinterest, the world's biggest collection of ideas The Onision channel was started by Jackson in 2006 but gained traction with the viral hit Banana Song (I'm a Banana) in 2009, eventually leading to him getting featured on Comedy Central's Tosh.0 Onision, for example, is YouTube's supervillain, with his trolling, But the drama usually blows over sooner rather than later. Logan Paul and James Charles, for example, suffered massive losses in subscriber counts and popularity after their subsequent dramas — one involving a dead body,. YouTuber Greg Onision Jackson has been banned from Patreon after allegedly doxxing a woman online. On Sunday night, Jackson posted text messages and the phone number of said accuser, who claimed. Onision. I didint want this to happen. I knew there were sick people out there people that hated me but I didint excpect this. I was just doing another video about evil cats and stuff they grab me and pin me to the ground. I struggle and scream I watch them drag lainey into the room and tie her to a chair

Posts about Drama written by Inspector Badger. Skip to content. The Curious Case About Onision. The archive of Onision and his misdeeds. Menu About this blog; Contact information. Tag: Drama Greg and Taylor Avaroe: A Dossier - Why Don't you have a seat over there edition onision looks like how mold smells no i will not elaborate greg avaroe anti o community anti kai anti o anti onision anti onion boy onision drama onision anti onion man 396 notes Dec 15th, 201

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The Long Lasting Onision VS Repzion Drama. By Pedrew0 Watch. 4 Favourites. 2 Comments. 99 Views. Most of this is from Tom And Jerry. IMAGE DETAILS. Image size. 6096x3672px 12.47 MB. Show More. Wait is Onision still a thing? Reply. Sep 4, 2019. Pedrew0 Hobbyist Traditional Artist. Yep, well in the more underground part of YouTube. Reply. Sep. I would like to say beforehand that I had come across this book by my cousin, who very much likes this book and recommended it to me. Just a PSA, you should never listen to an eleven-year-old who watches Singaporean dramas daily. I learned that lesson the hard way. First of all, the author, Onision, is a YouTuber Anonymously share juicy gossip and candid opinions about foolish and bizarre people, also known as lolcows. Freedom of speech friendly The YouTuber of drama, hate speech, and sexual harrasment. Not only does onision use his internet fame to lure little girls to his, and his partners, messages/home. But all of his content is slandering another YouTuber, putting down people for who they are, or getting his young patrons to send in pictures to rate/degrade them. He has been able to use this social status/power for too long now

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Onision Philosophy: Episode 3. In 2008, Greg ran a video series titled Onision Philosophy in which he talked about his ideas and opinions on different subjects. (all videos now removed) It may have been a precursor to his Speaks channel. During August 2008, Greg uploaded a video titled Onision Philosophy: Episode 3 Manipulativ, sociopatisk, psykopatisk, sadistisk. Det finns nog betydligt mer nedvärderade ord för en sådan djävul som just Onision. I sina tio år har vi alla blivit lurade av Onision och hans partner in crime Kai. De är lite som Youtubens sadistiska.. Onision the LIAR. 464 likes. ** this page is no longer running, it is cursed and fuck all if anyone is going to want to run it. Just here for old bullshit* Onision is a youtuber who has abused his influence throughout the years and most recently groomed a . Patreon is a crowdfunding platform which hosts Onision and Kai. The platform allows them to private Sarah turned 16. Once Sarah turned 18, both Kai and Onision engaged in sexual acts with Sarah and timeline of Onision and Kai's publicly recorded abuse, visit this link: https://docs.

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Finally made a formal statement about the drama :P https://www.onision.co/drama-with-a-patron Onision Onision. New Topic. 2 topics • Page 1 of 1. Announcements. Replies Views Last post; Feedback Please and Thank You ↳ Drama ↳ Pretty Little Liars ↳ Fantasy ↳ Horror ↳ Reality TV ↳ Big Brother ↳ RuPaul's Drag Race ↳ X Factor ↳ Sci-Fi ↳ Music. See more of Onision on Facebook. Log In. or. Create New Account. See more of Onision on Facebook. Log In. Forgot account? or. Create New Account. Not Now. Related Pages. OnisionSpeaks. Personal Blog. Poetry For A Wounded Soul. Personal Blog. Deefizzy. Chef. Bad page names ruin memes. Broadcasting & Media Production Company

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29,267 Followers · Broadcasting & Media Production Company. Deefizzy. 316,127 Followers · Che Every Onision site in one place including OnlyFans, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and more

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