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Kokosyoghurt - (AIP, Paleo, Vegan) Det är väldigt enkelt att göra kokosyoghurt och du behöver inte någon utrustning mer än en glasburk och en varm plats att ställa burken. Och kokosmjölk också så klart annars blir det ingen kokosyoghurt Ingredients. The ingredients for this paleo AIP coconut yogurt are super simple. Here's what I use: Coconut milk. Coconut milk is an awesome alternative to dairy for those of us with dairy intolerances, or those of us following a paleo, AIP or vegan lifestyle.. In order for this recipe to be AIP and paleo, your coconut milk needs to not have any sort of gums, thickeners or sweeteners in it Den är galet god i sin krämighet som verkligen är i klass med vanlig yoghurt. Jag har inte ätit den då den är hög fodmap, avokado innehåller sorbitol, Prova denna supergoda AIP-vänliga blåbärsgranolan att toppa yoghurten med. Nedan bilder med och utan bär mixad i smoothien! Skriv ut AIP Coconut Milk Yogurt is decadently creamy and sweet without the discomfort of dairy or processed sweeteners, while added probiotics help to heal and restore. It is sure to become a favorite treat on the road to healing

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Kokosyoghurt (Paleo, AIP, GAPS) 29 augusti 2016 « Tillbaka. Äter du mjölkfritt men vill ändå njuta av yoghurt är kokosyoghurt ett alternativ. Att göra egen yoghurt kräver lite mer arbete än tex kefir men slutprodukten blir en krämig, syrlig. Yogurt Starter Options. I wrote the recipe below using a good quality probiotic to help it to be compliant for most diets, especially the AIP Diet (Paleo Autoimmune Protocol).. However, if you have a regular powdered yogurt starter you can use that instead - it just often is derived from rice so keep that in mind

AIP Swaps for yogurt. The main alternative to regular yogurt on the autoimmune protocol is coconut yogurt. While many stores in the US and in Europe have started selling coconut yogurt, it's often loaded with non-AIP ingredients (like guar gum). So the best option is to make your own Det går också bra att göra AIP-kex och olika sorters bröd så att man kan göra sig en frukostmacka. I klubben har vi mängder av olika bröd, frukostfrallor, baugetter, spenatbröd, m.m. För dig som gillar yoghurt har vi två olika sorter. En med bär och avokado och en med kollagenpulver

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AIP Offline. Ladda ner samtliga aktuella dokument. IAIP.zip. Dataset. Viss AIP-data för användning i brukarsystem. Dataset. Paleo yoghurt Krämig yoghurt som innehåller ingefära, kokosolja och avokado för att boosta ditt system med antioxidanter och goda fetter. Perfekt för dig som vill ha ett gott alternativ till vanlig yoghurt och som har en atuoimmun sjukdom eller nötallergi

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Vad är skillnaden AIP, antiinflammatorisk kost och IFD . Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) är ett sätt att äta för att läka tarmväggen, återställa tarmfloran och därigenom minska kronisk inflammation. Följer man AIP, som är en extrem version av Paleo-kost, så utesluter man en mängd olika livsmedel strikt We've had some unseasonably warm winter days here in Texas, and I know those of you down under have been suffering through one heck of a summer lately, too. I've been meaning to create an AIP-friendly version of everyone's favorite warm-weather threat for a long time, and now that I have an Instant Pot in which to make yogurt, I dedicated a good portion of.

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Here's how I make thick and creamy yogurt from scratch with just a few simple ingredients! Get the Real World AIP eCOOKBOOK HERE! https://gum.co/mtoU Recipes include AIP compliant versions of. Mint & Radish AIP Yogurt Cups. Trim the ends off the radishes and slice each thinly. Either chop or roll and chiffonade the mint leaves. Spoon 1/4 cup of chilled coconut yogurt into both bowls, add a layer or radish slices and mint. Add a final layer or yogurt and top with more radishes and mint This Homemade Non-Dairy Coconut Milk Yogurt is made with two simple ingredients: coconut milk and probiotics to create a thick and tangy yogurt that is dairy-free, vegan, plant-based, gluten-free, Keto, Paleo, and AIP-friendly. Includes a high-protein option

Press the Yogurt button (this is one of the cool functions of the Instant Pot that other pressure cookers don't possess). Then press adjust until it shows boil in red letters on the screen. It takes approx. 30 minutes for the coconut cream to heat up to 180 F, which is the target temperature for this phase I use the entire can of coconut milk - water and all - because I don't mind if my yogurt is a little thin. One might even call it runny. By the way, the amount of yogurt you get from this recipe is equal to the amount of coconut milk you use. So if you use an entire 13.5-ounce can, you'll get the whole 13.5 ounces, or about 1¾ cups Format Bild Postat september 8, 2015 mars 5, 2016 Författare admin Kategorier AIP - Autoimmune protocol Taggar Regler Lämna en kommentar Bli först att kommentera

Men sedan fick jag tipset att göra egen kokosyoghurt/fil beroende på val av kokosmjölk. Då detta blivit en stående favorit sedan min AIP-debut (läs mer om AIP här) så tänkte jag dela med mig av detta superenkla recept som numer gör att jag kan njuta av yoghurt eller fil precis som förut Kokosyoghurt 3 portioner AIP är ett kostprogram som genomförs under en begränsad tid för att läka tarmen och stärka immunförsvaret. Den här k osten användas främst för att mildra symptom från autoimmun sjukdom men även för att ta fram en egen individuell antiinflammatorisk kostplan. AIP står för Autoimmune protocol som på svenska blir Det autoimmuna protokollet

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  1. Coconut yogurt. Coconut yogurt is the only main ingredient in this AIP cream cheese spread. Coconut yogurt is made with coconut milk and probiotic bacteria. For this recipe, look for an unsweetened coconut yogurt that contains live and active bacteria and is thickened with an AIP-friendly starch, such as arrowroot starch or tapioca starch
  2. If you're looking for more information, or something to guide you through this process, check out my Autoimmune Accomplice nutrition program, online course, and meal plan!. This program is like a portable to nutritionist to help simplify AIP so you can succeed and actually heal. In contrast, most people DIY the AIP diet, but then they end up just as confused as when they began
  3. I launched my website in 2011. At the time, there was almost no information on The Autoimmune Protocol out there: a half page of additional foods to avoid if you have autoimmune disease in Robb Wolf's first book, a list of foods to avoid for autoimmune sufferers on Prof. Loren Cordain's original website—and no, those
  4. s and other nutrients. A person following it will not eat anything with added sugar or other additives that can trigger an autoimmune response
  5. Depending on how much gelatin you put in them they can either be really thick, like panna cotta, or thin, like yogurt. # 2 AIP Breakfast Soups. These are my favorite breakfast option while on AIP. They're easy to digest, can be made ahead of time, frozen if necessary,.
  6. Vilka produkter som innehåller mest kalcium (mg). Följande livsmedel innehåller kalcium I fallande ordning och per 100 gram.. Det rekommenderade dagliga intaget (RDI) är 800 mg.. Tabellen är sammanställd med data från: Livsmedelsverkets Livsmedelsdatabas, version 2015-01-19

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Is Coconut Milk Yogurt AIP-Friendly? If you follow the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP diet), you will need to go with the Native Forest Simple brand of coconut milk, as you are not supposed to consume gums or emulsifiers on AIP. As long as the coconut milk you use is straight coconut milk, then coconut milk yogurt is AIP compliant The AIP diet has strict recommendations regarding which foods to eat or avoid during its elimination phase (7, 8).Foods to avoid . Grains: rice, wheat, oats, barley, rye, etc., as well as foods. 2-Minute AIP Ranch Ingredients. The best part about this recipe is that it's all done with pantry staples. No extra washing or chopping required. 1 cup coconut yogurt (skip any with added gums, fillers, or sweeteners. Try this homemade AIP coconut yogurt recipe!) 1/2 Tbsp dried chives; 1/2 Tbsp dried parsley; 1 tsp dried dill; 1/2 tsp garlic.

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Mushroom and nuts yoghurt were good to be consumed vegetarian and human which have lactose intolerance. This study focused on quality of yoghurt using juice extracted from mushroom and nuts paste f.. Jun 3, 2020 - This Pin was discovered by Simone Gersten. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres

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Another way to enjoy a pumpkin smoothie is by having it with chocolate - or for AIP, carob! This is the perfect dessert smoothie or to enjoy on days when you just want something a little sweeter. Combine with canned pumpkin or your own pumpkin puree with dairy-free milk or yogurt, ice, and cocoa or carob powder Coconut milk yogurt can be expensive and full of additives when you buy it in the store, so I'm super-excited to share this fool-proof method for making your own dairy-free Instant Pot Coconut Milk Yogurt. (If you don't have an Instant Pot, don't worry- I've got you covered further down in this post.

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One of my favorite ways to help restore the gut and soothe inflammation is to eat foods that are anti-inflammatory and rich in essential gut-friendly nutrients and probiotics. Below is a list of AIP smoothie recipes we love because they are easy to make and have plenty of gut-friendly ingredients!. Often, many people don't even realize they have a leaky gut which usually results from an. Jul 9, 2016 - As much as I loved dairy in my pre-AIP days yogurt was never super high on my list of dairy favorites. I would definitely pick cheese, ice cream, and butter over yogurt. However, yogurt can come in very handy for making sauces and adding that little extract tartness to certain dishes, it was also a.. AIP Coconut Yogurt Parfait Category: Breakfast Servings: 2 Ingredients 1 14 oz can light coconut milk 2 probiotic capsules 1 1⁄2 tsp Great Lakes gelatin Optional: 1 Tbsp honey or maple syrup Instructions Dissolve gelatin in 1⁄4 cup of coconut milk and set aside. In a small sauce pan, heat the remaining coconut milk over [

Tack vare avokadon och bananen blir konsistensen liknande yoghurt. Blanda i vilken frukt eller vilka bär som helst. Denna yoghurt är söt, god och nyttig - och absolut mejerifri så klart. 1 portion INGREDIENSER: 1 mogen avokado 1 mogen banan 1⁄2 dl bär 1-2 msk kokosmjölk GÖR SÅ HÄR: 1. Mixa allt i en blender Read Mor WHAT IS AUTOIMMUNE PALEO OR AIP DIET? The Autoimmune Protocol is a diet that helps heal the immune system and gut mucosa. It is applicable to any inflammatory disease. We have a problem in this country with how we eat, treat disease and heal disease. AIP addresses inflammation in the gut that causes Autoimmune Disease. [ 4 cups Dairy-Free Milk (almond, coconut, etc. OR homemade milk); 1 tbsp Sweetener (If you are using an unsweetened milk, you will need to add 1 tbsp of a sugar based sweetener such as maple syrup or coconut sugar to feed the fermentation); 1-2 tsp Culture (probiotic powder) or 1-2 capsules of probiotics, one package of vegan yogurt starter, or 1/3 cup of a previous batch of vegan yogur

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Coconut milk yogurt had the smooth texture and lovely tang of dairy yogurt, but it is wonderfully aromatic, with that one-of-a-kind, subtle sweetness that coconut milk brings. It was also fairly pricy (£2 for 125 g, that's 2.80€ or 3$ for a half-cup, i.e. £16, 22.50€ or $25 for a liter/quart) and unavailable in France SCD/paleo/AIP coconut yogurt - honey heart optional Tonight when K offered me a snack, I asked her to bring me a bowl of my coconut yogurt with a drizzle of honey. I heard her dishing it up, and I heard her opening the cupboard where the honey is and then I heard a lot of concentrating

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AIP Pantry has been created for people who are following the Autoimmune Protocol diet (AIP) or similar diets (GAPS and Wahl's), as well as for people who are looking for healthier food alternatives AIP Maple Coconut Yogurt. This cultured yogurt is especially good for people following the AIP diet, who may need to heal their guts. It's full of beneficial bacteria! You can make it in your slow cooker with probiotic powder, and it's sweetened with maple syrup and thickened with a bit of arrowroot Fil och yoghurt. Dessa livsmedel kan påverka din IBS i positiv mening. Mjölksyrabakterier eller laktobaciller kan ibland minska gasproblematiken. Hur du äter är viktigare än vad du äter. Du med IBS ska äta regelbundet och ofta jämnt fördelat under dagen. Det är bättre att du äter små portioner ofta än stora portioner sällan Måndag: AIP: Buljongfasta. EJ AIP: Linsgryta + pasta från frysen. Ångkokad broccoli. Tisdag: Ugnsstekt torsk med citron och broccoliris. Coleslaw med äpple och mynta. Onsdag: Stekt fisk och grönkål, ugnsbakade sötpotatishalvor med vitlöksyoghurt Torsdag: Rester från frysen Fredag: Ev rödspättarullader (uppdateras) Lördag: Grönsakspasta på kålrot och morot Coconut yoghurt to the rescue! I make coconut yoghurt at home now - I recently posted the recipe for the same. You can also buy coconut yoghurt from most organic supermarket stores. Since Mangoes have been in season (Oh how I am loving it!), now was my chance to try making a mango lassi with my new found love, 'coconut yoghurt'

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Coconut Yogurt (AIP) 4/18/2015 1 Comment Yogurt is not that hard to make, and it can be a wonderful addition to your diet. Not only does it help gut health but it also opens up a number of other options such as dressings and desserts. You can use your oven for this but a yogurt maker makes it easier Two-Ingredient Instant Pot Coconut Milk Yogurt: easily made at home, none of the fillers or additives of commercial yogurt. AIP, Paleo, Vegan, Low FODMAP, Whole 30 compliant Even though the AIP avoid food list might look quite big, the AIP diet plan is, first of all, an elimination diet. In order for it to work, certain pro-inflammatory foods need to be eliminated for at least 30 days to allow your body to heal

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Of chiapap met spirulina-yoghurt en pompoenpitjes eroverheen, dat is hip. Maar dan merk je dat zaden, pitten, granen (ook haver), melk (ook yoghurt), overmatige suikers en foute vetten (dus ook chocopasta) niet kunnen bij de eliminatiefase van het AIP-dieet Yogurt-Dill Dressing (Paleo, AIP) Dairy-free has been my gig for such a long time that I've become entirely accustomed to not eating milk products, and I often forget there are many non-dairy alternatives that I can eat Eating out while on a restricted diet is one of those challenges that can make you quit the AIP (Autoimmune Protocol) because it's too hard and I already cheated anyway.These 20 AIP snacks to eat out of the house made my life much easier during the elimination phase of the AIP and I am sure you'll find them helpful too You can add more or less mango to taste, use whatever seasonings strike your fancy, and substitute coconut milk for the yogurt if you don't have any on hand or don't feel like making your own. Either way, this lassi will be a cooling, comforting treat whether you're looking to escape the summer heat or the fiery burning on your tongue from eating big heaping helpings of Indian food

Top with coconut yoghurt and/or berries if you like. Keep for up to 3 days in the refrigerator. Don't forget to check out three more delicious AIP oatmeals : Roasted Cinnamon Pear 'Oatmeal' , Apple and Cranberry 'Oatmeal' and my Summer version, Peach and Ginger 'Oatmea Instructions To make the yogurt: Add the gelatin to a small jug or cup, along with 3 tbl of the coconut milk.Use a fork to stir the gelatin and coconut milk mixture together. Set aside. Pour the remaining coconut milk into a saucepan and whisk in the raw honey, vanilla extract and lime juice.; Turn the burner to low and add the gelatin mixture to the pan. . Gently warm the coconut milk until.

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This succulent coconut yoghurt chicken is incredibly easy and requires only a handful of ingredients. It's paleo, Whole30, keto and gluten-free friendly and can be served with a lovely salad, cauliflower rice or zucchini noodles Dieser Joghurt schmeckt superlecker und ist schön fest. Er sieht aus wie normaler Joghurt und man kann ihn auch bevor man ihn in den Kühlschrank stellt einmal umrühren, dann setzen sich auch die Schichten nicht ab. Bei Methode 1 ist der Geschmack nicht ganz so gut ( Nuance). Die Farbe ist etwas gräulich Sunday treat: coconut yoghurt (AIP) Yoghurt bowl with fresh fruits. Sunday is there to enjoy treats. Yoghurt was one of my favourite dairy product (along with kefir, quark and sour cream, and cheese too). It is easy for me to say no to dairy but every now and then I miss the cool, smooth and creamy texture of a fermented dairy product Our paleo-approved imitation honey mustard is a seed-free and nightshade-free mustard alternative, ideal for those following an AIP diet. It's also made with REAL ingredients like butternut squash and horseradish, with no additives or other junk. Learn more and try a jar today Anita's, the Original Coconut Yogurt Made in Brooklyn Since 2013. Small-batch vegan yogurt made with organic, fair-trade coconut, 300 billion live, probiotic cultures per serving, and nothing else. We offer nationwide shipping

With delicious breakfast recipes like homemade coconut yogurt to dinner favorites like chicken casserole, you'll even find a few delicious sweets recipes on this list like cucumber lime gummy snacks, perfect for an anytime treat. Here are just a few of the Keto AIP (Autoimmune-Friendly) Recipes we've included: Instant Pot Coconut Milk Yogur AIP Series. I've written a series of articles to guide you through the autoimmune protocol, step by step. It includes FAQ, mistakes to avoid, book reviews, and more. Click here to see the whole list. Meal Planning - A Paleo AIP Survival Tool To Ghee or Not to Ghe Feb 21, 2017 - As much as I loved dairy in my pre-AIP days yogurt was never super high on my list of dairy favorites. I would definitely pick cheese, ice cream, and butter over yogurt. However, yogurt can come in very handy for making sauces and adding that little extract tartness to certain dishes, it was also a.. If you have trouble finding coconut yogurt at your local store, then you can make it yourself. Also, if you're on the autoimmune protocol, you'll probably want to make your own coconut yogurt to ensure all the ingredients are AIP-friendly. Here's a slow cooker recipe for making coconut yogurt. Here's a recipe that uses the Instant Pot

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It's worth noting that if lactose is the reason you avoid dairy, you can probably actually eat yogurt and kefir without an issue, since all the lactose is destroyed during the fermentation process. But if that's not quite right for you, you can actually make or buy several different dairy-free yogurt options, featuring a variety of Paleo milk substitutes (see above) Jan 6, 2018 - Autoimmune Paleo Coconut Yogurt Parfait | OAMM | Once A Month Meal

Here are my favourites for a filling, delicious and nutritious AIP charcuterie board sans dairy: VEGGIES: The world is your oyster. I like to include really crunchy veggies like carrots, radishes and celery that are great for dipping. Other AIP friendly vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, cucumbers, carrots and beets are also great for grabbing The AIP Diet is designed to be done short-term to promote healing—with a minimum recommendation of 30 days—and after you feel well again, you slowly start to reintroduce foods and gauge your body's reaction to them Coconut Yogurt Tartlets free from gluten & dairy, that can be made paleo and Autoimmune Protocol AIP compliant as well. Great as a refined sugar free treat! Get Your FREE 10 Day AIP Breakfast Plan! Subscribe to the newsletter and receive your FREE Guide Recipe Credit: Tameka Martin Photo Credit: Laura Morrow, Simply AIP Ingredients: Jack's Paleo Kitchen Cookie (Cinnamon Raisin, Lemon Zing, Snickerdoodle, & Ginger Molasses are AIP flavors) Coyo Organic Coconut Yogurt Carob Syrup or Date Lady Organic Date Syrup Frozen Berries Directions: Place a cookie at the bottom of a cup, cover with coconut [ May 28, 2015 - This Pin was discovered by Emily H. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres

These paleo and AIP pumpkin pie bars are the perfect Thanksgiving dessert! Serve them topped with coconut cream, and you've got the real deal. They're grain free, gluten free, dairy free, egg free and refined sugar-free. Pumpkin pie is such a Thanksgiving must At its simplest, coconut yogurt, or coconut milk yogurt, should have basically two ingredients: full fat coconut milk, and active probiotics. While you may be fortunate enough to find an AIP compliant coconut yogurt on the market, more often than not, you'll need to make your own (you can find recipes for making your own in the AIP Recipe Collection Facebook Group , but I will tell you that. All the flours. That's what I've baked with by now, I'm pretty sure while creating AIP pastry like these Flaky Flat Cassava Breads. I still would like to be proven wrong though! I love experimenting in the kitchen with all of these amazing gluten free, grain free baking substances. Each and every one results in different textures and flavors Feb 6, 2020 - Recipe Credit: Tameka Martin Photo Credit: Laura Morrow, Simply AIP Ingredients: Jack's Paleo Kitchen Cookie (Cinnamon Raisin, Lemon Zing, Snickerdoodle, & Ginger Molasses are AIP flavors) Coyo Organic Coconut Yogurt Carob Syrup or Date Lady Organic Date Syrup Frozen Berries Directions: Place a cookie at the botto

AIP är något så fantastisk som en diet som, om den utförs rätt, har förmågan att helt förändra livet för dig med en autoimmun sjukdom. Till det bättre! Autoimmun sjukdom är när kroppens eget immunförsvar, det som normalt håller oss friska, attackerar kroppens egna vävnader Yadi Luph Te'mowasdeixcforever ada di Facebook. Bergabunglah dengan Facebook untuk terhubung dengan Yadi Luph Te'mowasdeixcforever dan orang lain yang.. September 17, 2014 Debby Lactose free, Paleo, SCD, SCD Recipes, SCD yogurt Leave a comment I think most people who switch to a healing diet would be lying if they said there weren't at least a few things they missed from their former way of eating The yogurt is teeming with gut-friendly cultures, and so you don't want to shock the system by overdoing it. In fact, my husband loved this coconut yogurt so much he ate 1/2 of it in one sitting! As a first timer, it wasn't the most ideal introduction. Let's just say it got things moving and shakin Apr 8, 2020 - Mint & Radish AIP Yogurt Cups | Real Food and Lov

Use a pressure cooker to make your own yogurt at home! Homemade yogurt is one of the hottest trends right now, thanks to the power of your pressure cooker. The results not only taste better, they have a richer, smoother consistency than the store-bought yogurt . This version of homemade Greek-style yogurt a very basic recipe for turning whole milk into a batch of yogurt Feb 8, 2020 - Coconut Yogurt in the Instant Pot (AIP Paleo GAPS SCD) with coconut cream #paleodesser

What You Need . In addition to the electric yogurt machine, you will need a liquid measuring cup, saucier or saucepan, instant-read thermometer, medium mixing bowl, whisk or wooden spoon, and a ladle.. To make yogurt in a machine that has seven 6-ounce containers, you will need 42 ounces (5 1/4 cups) of milk, whole or 2 percent milk work best, and 6 ounces of plain yogurt containing live. After finishing the yogurt, I put it into a jar and into the fridge to let it cool. A few hours later, I was suprised by the resulsts. The yogurt had completely separated into the hard, thickened cream (2/3, on top) and a liquid (1/3, on bottom)

If you can't find coconut yogurt, then you can make it easily yourself. Also, if you're AIP, you'll probably want to make your own coconut yogurt to ensure all the ingredients are AIP-friendly. Here's a slow cooker recipe for making coconut yogurt. Here's a recipe that uses the Instant Pot. And here's one using a yogurt maker If you think you may be craving sweets, then have a look for AIP friendly treats you can make such as gummies, panna cotta and yoghurt. I have yet to make any but, again, a quick pinterest search will come up with some AIP sweets to choose from. I've already pinned heaps to my AIP Pinterest Board to try I miss yogurt on AIP and I just round this recipe from Delicious Obsessions to try. Have you ever tried making coconut yogurt? - Mary . Learn how to make creamy coconut milk yogurt without a yogurt maker! This delicious coconut milk yogurt is a great addition to your diet and is so easy to make

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Apr 4, 2018 - Coconut Yogurt Tartlets free from gluten & dairy, that can be made paleo and Autoimmune Protocol AIP compliant as well. Great as a refined sugar free treat Many of the recipes found here on my blog inspired the recipes that went into my first cookbook, The 30-Minute Thyroid Cookbook and my second cookbook co-authored with my husband, The Hashimoto's AIP Cookbook.Below you will find a collection of the best recipes containing foods good for thyroid support for a healthy Hashimoto's diet, Thyroid diet, thyroid healing and more And then I did the math on how much it would cost to make a quart of homemade almond milk, from organic almonds and filtered water, as compared to store-bought organic almond milk, and that tipped the balance, and I decided that yes, ok, I could make homemade almond milk and then, in turn, homemade almond milk yogurt. For the record, we get organic almonds at Costco; they are a great price at. Egen hemgjord müsli är guld värd. Tillsammans med fet grekisk yoghurt fixar du snabbt en mättande frukost på morgonkvisten. Gurkmejan ger fin färg och extra boost This paleo AIP English Muffin takes just 4 minutes to make in the microwave and needs only 7-ingredients. The result is a crispy, chewy muffin - perfect for topping off with a little fresh jam, ghee (AIP reintroduction), or some coconut yogurt (as a cream cheese)

Heathy Apple and Plum Crumble - Stewed Plum and Apple inMejerifri yoghurt! Syrad kokosgrädde – DIY superenkeltCOMFORT BITES BLOG: Blueberry Topped Baked Sweet Potato
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