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  1. Doing a Visit With an Expert Guide Is the Best Way To Discover Rome Ital
  2. You can visit it with the same ticket as the Colosseum. The Roman Forum, or Foro Romano, which used to be the center of Rome itself. A plaza where trade, politics, parades, and entertainment were conducted. You can visit and view its many archaeological remains with the same ticket as the Colosseum. Tips and things you should know for your visit
  3. All visits to the Colosseum must now be booked and paid online beforehand. It is understandable, as the Colosseum, together with the Palatine (the ticket is valid for both) is the most visited monument in Italy. Beware: around the monument there are many peddlers who offer guided visits, skipping the queue
  4. I recommend you to visit it at the opening becaause there is less people than in the rest of the day. The access is quiett easy and the souvenir shop is not to expansive. Warning: if you want to eat after your visit, go away from the Colosseum, because it's really expansive and not really good.
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Private tour in the Colosseum The best way to visit the Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill is with a private tour with an expert guide at your complete disposal. With a 3-hour walk you will find yourself reliving the past of the Colosseum, made up of fights between gladiators, executions and animal hunting, and exploring the ruins of the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill where, with the help. Because the Colosseum is a top attraction in Rome, it can be hard to get tickets. To avoid standing in long lines on your visit to this ancient site, consider buying a Colosseum and Roman Forum pass online from Select Italy in US dollars or buying a Roma Pass or Archeologica Card, which allows entry to the Colosseum and other sights for a flat.

Other ways to visit the Colosseum. If you want to visit the colosseum after hours, or would like a combined ticket that allows you to see some of Rome's other important attractions, you're in luck. Visiting the Colosseum at night. Beginning in March 2017, visitors can book a guided night time tour of the colosseum Visiting the Colosseum in Rome is probably high on your list of sightseeing priorities for your trip to the Italian capital. It's a fantastic ancient structure which has stood at the heart of the city for over two millennia, and history practically seeps out of it Roma, Visits, tours and trails - Colosseum. From 24/07/20 to 31/12/20. The tour provides for the view to the basement from the 1st order, the ascent to the 2nd order, the visit of th Visitors continue the visit on their own. > Full Experience ticket + Arena didactic tour € 22,00 + € 9,00 visit + € 2,00 booking fee Valid 2 days from first use, it allows one entrance with didactic tour to the Colosseum and Arena (about 60'), one entrance to the Palatine Forum area and SUPER sites Colosseum, Kolosseum eller Flaviska amfiteatern (latin: Amphitheatrum Novum eller Amphitheatrum Flavium, italienska: Anfiteatro Flavio eller Colosseo) är en ellipsformad amfiteater i Rom, uppförd mellan 70 och 80 e.Kr. [1] Kejsar Vespasianus började bygget som slutfördes av hans son Titus.Under romerska rikets tid hade man strid mellan vilda djur, avrättningar, gladiatorspel och teater.

The Colosseum, probably the most famous monument in the world, offers different options to people who wish to visit and discover the secrets of the Ancient Rome. Given the high traffic of visitors, the reservation of tickets is highly recommended to avoid the long lines at the entrance Colosseum Ticket FAQs. Q. Is it safe to visit the Colosseum post-COVID-19? A. To ensure the safety of its visitors, the Colosseum now accepts only online reservations. Several safety measures and guidelines have also been enforced to ensure the safety of its visitors. Q. What are the safety measures and guidelines in place at the Colosseum? A A visit to Rome isn't complete without a tour of the Colosseum.This amphitheatre in the center of the city was the largest ever built, taking almost a decade to construct during the Flavian dynasty. It's one of Rome's most popular tourist attractions, with over 4 million visitors a year However, you can visit only one of the two attractions (the Roman Forum or the Palatine Hill) along with the Colosseum each day. Alternatively, you can also buy a Roma Pass card. The pass is a tourist package which allows visitors discount privileges on local transports, events and exhibitions, entrance to museums and historic sites, including the Colosseum Visiting the Colosseum in Rome is a must see for most first time visitors. The Colosseum (or Coliseum), Roman Forum and the Palatine Hill are all located in the same archaeological area of Rome adjacent to one another. The Colosseum, Roman Forum and the Palatine Hill all have separate ticket entrances but share the same admission ticket valid for two days valid for all three sites

The Colosseum itself already has pretty good reasons to be part of any itinerary; having the chance to visit other two sites for the same price makes it even more exciting. REGULAR TICKETS COST 12€, OR 2€ IF YOU ARE A EUROPEAN UNION MEMBER OF BETWEEN 18 AND 25 YEARS OLD The Colosseum, which was closed for the last 3 months due to Covid19, has now reopened for visitors. If a visit to the Colosseum is in your agenda, you should be aware of recent guidelines and safety measures valid for each and every visitor Visiting the Colosseum in Rome is a perfect idea but not everyone knows that with the simple ticket the visitor has not the access of all the areas of the amphiteater. The third tier of the Colosseum so as the underground are excluded with the simple ticket. The only way to visit the Colosseum and the Underground is to reserve a guided tour for this special areas

Visit the Colosseum in the morning to avoid the crowd.-The Colosseum is the world's largest amphitheater with 76 entrances. It was built in under 10 years and was used for games and hunting for over four centuries. The Great Colosseum was rocked by the earthquake in 1349 Remember that your Colosseum ticket also gets you into the Forum and Palatine and there are no such restrictions there. You can enter either the day before your time-slot or the day after, so in this case we absolutely recommend an early morning visit. Have a look at all available Colosseum ticket options > Visit the Colosseum (or Coliseum), Rome's amphitheatre All information on visiting the Colosseum in Rome, the largest amphitheatre from Roman times. Prepare your visit to the Colosseum with the following tips and ticket information Visiting the Colosseum and other nearby sites such as the Pantheon and the Vatican can be as exhausting as it is fascinating - so it pays to be prepared. If you're planning a visit and you need Colosseum Rome information, here is everything you need to know including history, interesting facts, tickets and pricing, and how to get there Rome's great gladiatorial arena is the most monumental of the city's ancient sights and Italy's top tourist attraction. Inaugurated in AD 80, the 50,000-seat Colosseum, also known as the Flavian Amphitheatre, was originally clad in travertine and covered by a huge canvas awning

With a total capacity of 70,000, the Colosseum was the biggest amphitheatre of its time and presently stands tall at 157 feet. While the structure has experienced its share of natural wear and tear over the years, there's no denying its epic scale and your visit to the Colosseum will be nothing short of extraordinary Colosseum tours at night last around one hour (standard tour) or two and a half hours (combined tour) and during that time you'll see the Colosseum at its finest, lit up with dazzling yellow lights under a canopy of stars.. You'll have an English-speaking guide lead you through the different parts of the Colosseum, including the underground passageways, whilst telling stories of the.

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  1. Ticket prices: full ticket 16.00 € + presale fee 2.00 €; free ticket 0.00 € + presale fee 2.00 €; audio guide 5.50 €/ Video guide 6.00 € It is possible to visit the Palatine Hill and the Roman Forum first (by changing the voucher at the Roman Forum) or after the visit to the Colosseum
  2. ute trip), you may find that you can't find a suitable time slot for the basic entry tickets to the Colosseum are sold out - I am referring to the tickets that don't include a guided.
  3. Emperor Vespasian began the amphitheater project in 70 CE. It was completed during the reign of Titus about ten years later, measuring 48 m (157 ft) high, 188 m (617 ft) long, and 156 m (511 ft) wide. Plan your visit to Colosseum and a wealth of other attractions, well-known and undiscovered, using our Rome online visit planner
  4. Built in 70 A.D., Rome's Colosseum has been the site of celebrations, sporting events and bloodshed. Today, the amphitheater is a major tourist attraction, playing host to 3.9 million visitors.
  5. Episode 8: A First Visit to the Colosseum. Description. This first of four pods on the Colosseum offers a general overview of the structure, including its architecture and the materials used to build it. We also consider why the Flavian Emperors chose to build it where they did,.
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